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eBill Payment History

Learning what tools and features are available to the Bill Payer are just as important are knowing the tools available to you, the Biller!

One of the most vital pieces of information a Bill Payer can view under their eBill account is record of all online payments made within their account.  The Payment History displays all details associated with each specific payment—bill type, date, amount, payment method, used, etc.—but they also have the ability to track their processing dates!  This is located in a section titled “Additional Bill Information.”

The Payment History page initially shows limited details, an abbreviated version of each payment(s), if you will.  To the left of each payment displayed is a “+” icon—this can be clicked to now display their “Additional Bill Information” section!  In this section, their payment dates will update as their payment processes.  There are 6 dates total:  Submitted, Scheduled, Processed, Accepted, Received, and Biller Posted.  Their payment status also displays clearly here as either “Success,” “Pending” or “Failed.”  Once this payment has been completely processed, it will remain with all dates “filled,” as well as a final payment status, so that the Payer can go back into their Payment History to view these details at any time.

Our Payment History feature allows for easy tracking of all payments!


Now Introducing AUTO PAY!

Welcome to MCC’s newest way to pay Municipal bills!  Our “Auto pay” feature, available now, is a convenient way in which residents/bill payers can make automatic payments to a Municipality using an e-check (ACH) or debit/credit card each time a bill is due.  Directly from their eBill account, residents can setup auto payments, control when their payments are processed (days prior to the due date), as well as set a desired ‘Max Payment’ amount.

How do I, the Municipality, begin offering Auto Pay to my residents?

To sign up for Auto Pay, please respond to our sign-up email to being the process.  Additionally, feel free to contact our Support staff at 508-460-6000 x601 or and we would be more than happy to provide additional information, as well as begin the sign-up process!

Once this has been completed, how can residents sign up for Auto Pay, you ask?  It’s easy!

Within the residents eBill account, they can sign up for Auto Pay and when the auto payments should be made (however many days preferred prior to the online cut-off date), and set a ‘Max Payment’ amount.  Max payment allows a resident to set an exact “max payment amount” for their bill.  For example, if a resident were to set a max payment amount for their real estate tax bill of $2,000 and one installment their bill amount is $2,500, MCC will simply notify them via email that their bill happened to be more than expected, and the resident can then choose whether to continue with the auto payment.

Auto Pay is a fantastic step towards payment efficiency from your residents.  Contact MCC today to get started!

Forgot Password?

Did you forget the Password to your account? Don’t worry, it happens to all of us! To request a forgotten password simply click the Forgot Password link on the Login page, type in your email address and click Submit. You will promptly receive an email with the words Password Reset in the title. Follow the instructions in the email to re-set your Password.

Did I make a payment?

We often receive phone calls from Residents wanting to confirm that their payment was processed. Or wondering if they have made a payment because they are unsure.

The best way to confirm if you have made a payment is to view the Payment History area of your account. Simply login to your account–if you haven’t already–and click on Payment History. Here you can see any and all payments ever made through the account registered to the email address associated to your account.

Think you made a payment and don’t see it in your Payment History? Unless you’ve registered two accounts with us (using two different email addresses) then most likely you have not submitted a payment.