New Verify Files Page!

With 2016’s Q2 upload coming to an end, many of you have likely familiarized yourselves with the updates made to our Verify Files page!  These enhancements were made primarily to better accommodate our eBill and PSM (print and mail) clients.

 The look and feel of the page has been completely updated. Columns are now sortable as well as searchable.  All files, if you’ve noticed, are now listed using a year range i.e. 2014 – 2015, 2013 – 2014. You will no longer need to select a file/bill type.  You are now be able to search for a file using a Search field.  This ‘smart’ Search field has the ability to search for any “word” on the verification page, i.e. name, number, file extension, etc.  If a sample bill or PDF happens to be incorrect, rather than rejecting the one sample, users are now asked to reject the entire file.   Lastly, when rejecting a sample bill or PDF, users are required to enter comments which will be sent to MCC Support.  This way, our Processing and It Departments can more easily review the issue in a timely manner.

 To all of our PSM (Print & Mail) clients, you’ll notice that PDF samples, along with online bill samples, are still verified online, but that you are no longer required to reply/respond to our verification email ‘approving the PDF samples for print and mail.’  We’ve provided a Print Summary, which contains information regarding your “print job” i.e. PDF count, paper color, multi-merge options, lock box setup, etc.   This is now available online, and must be reviewed and verified by you.

A friendly reminder to all of our clients!  We strongly recommend utilizing one of the following web browsers to complete all of your online tasks:  Internet Explorer 11.0, GoogleChrome, or Mozilla Firefox.  Additionally, whichever one of these browsers you happen to be working in, please ensure it is the most update version.  This allows the software to run smoothly and without delay at all times.

 If you have any questions or would like assistance verifying your file(s), please give us a call at 508-460-6000.  We’re always here to help!


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