Monthly Archives: September 2015

New Transactions & Reconciliation Page!

We are excited to announce that the third release for eSchool took place on Thursday, September 17th!  In this release, Transactions and Reconciliation has been given a new look and feel, as well as new features that I’m sure some of you have already become accustomed to, what with the busy start to the School year already underway!


 To use color or not to use color?  That has been the question for many years now.  After hearing a lot of feedback from users, we have decided to remove the red and green coloring, and add a debit and credit column to the page.  We hope you find this approach much cleaner and intuitive.

We have removed the “totaling” options from Transactions because we encourage users to obtain totals from the new Fee/Registration Payment report, as this reporting tool you can see now provides more accurate totals.  The Transaction page should mainly be used to record payments, such as check and cash.


 We have updated the way you interact and generate reports using Reconciliation. We have also added some new features that many of you have requested.

You can now create reconciliation reports that include Check and Cash payments.  Going forward, it is our recommendation that you use this report and not the Transaction page to generate reports for check and cash payments for reconciliation purposes. 

We have added more information to this page, such as Student ID, Student Name, etc.  Using the Show/Hide feature, you can now choose to display or hide the data from the report.  Additionally, you can use the ‘Search’ feature to easily locate a payment by typing in an ACH ID, dollar amount or name.

As always, if you need additional help, please let us know and we would be more than happy to schedule a time to walk you through the new features!