Going Paperless with MCC—The “Opt-Out” Report

We at MCC want to do everything we can to encourage “going green,” and our ‘paperless’ feature encourages just that!

Those Billers that currently utilize our Bill Presentment feature (upload PDF bill copies to your eBill account) have the ability to offer a paperless option to their payers. Directly from their eBill account with a simple click, bill payers can select to “opt-out” of receiving a mailed paper bill. More specifically, they can opt-out per individual bill type within their account, i.e. they can choose to continue to receive a mailed copy of their Real Estate tax bill, but “opt-out” of their Motor-Vehicle bill, if this is their preferred selection.
Can you, the Biller, keep track of these payers that have ‘opted-out?’ Absolutely! That is one of the reasons why we have created our ‘Opt-Out Report’ located under “Bill Presentment.” Here, you will find a customizable report displaying precise details which includes each bill payer’s name that has opted-out, the ‘File Type’ (i.e. Real Estate, Motor-Vehicle, etc.), a unique identifier to that File Type (for example: if Real Estate, it would include the Property ID), the date the bill payer chose to ‘opt-out’ as well as a status set to “Paperless.” This report, in its organized and customized fashion, can then be passed along to your printer, so it saves you, the Biller, from having to print bills for those who have ‘opt-ed out!’ If you happen to be a client who prints/mails with us here at MCC, we take care of this step entirely for you—this information is processed by MCC before it is printed!
For additional information on utilizing our ‘Opt-Out’ report and going ‘paperless,’ please refer to our “Help” section.

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