“Modifying a File’s Cut-off Date”

Happy New Year, all!

For some, this wasn’t your first ball game in uploading all of your files amongst the Holiday madness!  For others, it was your first time utilizing our services!  Welcome aboard!

As all of you (hopefully) take a deep *sigh* of relief and relaxation now that your bills are online and in mailboxes, we’d like to take this opportunity to address a frequently asked question:  Can I give tax payers MORE time to pay their bills?  Can I change a file’s cut-off date, even though I’ve already selected one and it’s visible online to our payers?

Yes, you can!  And here’s how:

Sign into your eBill account and select “Bill Presentment” followed by “Modify File.”  Once you are taken to this feature, you will be able to edit the sections accordingly – “File Area” (i.e. Municipal Tax) and “File to Change/Search” (i.e. 2015/Q3 – Real Estate).  Once the desired file has been selected, simply modify your cut-off date & time in the box displayed, and lastly click “Change Cut-off.”  You will be given confirmation that your changes have been saved!

You’re good to go!  You will now see this newly-edited cut-off date within your eBill account, and this will be the cut-off date currently displayed online for all bill payers within that bill file!


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