Monthly Archives: October 2014

eBill Payment History

Learning what tools and features are available to the Bill Payer are just as important are knowing the tools available to you, the Biller!

One of the most vital pieces of information a Bill Payer can view under their eBill account is record of all online payments made within their account.  The Payment History displays all details associated with each specific payment—bill type, date, amount, payment method, used, etc.—but they also have the ability to track their processing dates!  This is located in a section titled “Additional Bill Information.”

The Payment History page initially shows limited details, an abbreviated version of each payment(s), if you will.  To the left of each payment displayed is a “+” icon—this can be clicked to now display their “Additional Bill Information” section!  In this section, their payment dates will update as their payment processes.  There are 6 dates total:  Submitted, Scheduled, Processed, Accepted, Received, and Biller Posted.  Their payment status also displays clearly here as either “Success,” “Pending” or “Failed.”  Once this payment has been completely processed, it will remain with all dates “filled,” as well as a final payment status, so that the Payer can go back into their Payment History to view these details at any time.

Our Payment History feature allows for easy tracking of all payments!