Monthly Archives: August 2014

“Using the Task Manger for Verification”

How many of you log into your eBill account and overlook that handy Task Manager on the Home Page that we have operating ever-so reliably?

Well, here’s a friendly reminder!  The Task Manager is an excellent way to keep track of “tasks” that have been or need to be completed.  For example, the task to verify your files.  While our system emails verification confirmations/requests to processing contacts listed under your eBill account, there’s always circumstances such as: “Verification emails are usually sent to me, but I am going on vacation and _______ won’t have access to my emails!”  What then?

Not only does the Task Manager confirm what has been successfully verified, and flash brightly in red “NOT COMPLETE!” when un-verified, but those un-verified files within the Task Manager also act as links to the File Verification page, the very same link sent via email!  Simply click the “Verify file” link in blue under “Type” and you’ll be taken immediately to the Verify Files page.

Now Introducing AUTO PAY!

Welcome to MCC’s newest way to pay Municipal bills!  Our “Auto pay” feature, available now, is a convenient way in which residents/bill payers can make automatic payments to a Municipality using an e-check (ACH) or debit/credit card each time a bill is due.  Directly from their eBill account, residents can setup auto payments, control when their payments are processed (days prior to the due date), as well as set a desired ‘Max Payment’ amount.

How do I, the Municipality, begin offering Auto Pay to my residents?

To sign up for Auto Pay, please respond to our sign-up email to being the process.  Additionally, feel free to contact our Support staff at 508-460-6000 x601 or and we would be more than happy to provide additional information, as well as begin the sign-up process!

Once this has been completed, how can residents sign up for Auto Pay, you ask?  It’s easy!

Within the residents eBill account, they can sign up for Auto Pay and when the auto payments should be made (however many days preferred prior to the online cut-off date), and set a ‘Max Payment’ amount.  Max payment allows a resident to set an exact “max payment amount” for their bill.  For example, if a resident were to set a max payment amount for their real estate tax bill of $2,000 and one installment their bill amount is $2,500, MCC will simply notify them via email that their bill happened to be more than expected, and the resident can then choose whether to continue with the auto payment.

Auto Pay is a fantastic step towards payment efficiency from your residents.  Contact MCC today to get started!