Monthly Archives: July 2013

Forgot Password?

Did you forget the Password to your account? Don’t worry, it happens to all of us! To request a forgotten password simply click the Forgot Password link on the Login page, type in your email address and click Submit. You will promptly receive an email with the words Password Reset in the title. Follow the instructions in the email to re-set your Password.

Opt-out of Receiving Paper Bills

Did you know you can allow residents to opt-out of receiving paper bills if you are a Massachusetts Biller (other states check your rule book first). MCC has offered Billers the choice of offering opt-out for over two years! Some MCC clients not yet taking full advantage of this feature are offering Bill Presentment for residents to view a copy of their bill online.

If you offer your residents the option to opt-out of receiving a paper bill you can view a list of the residents signed up for this service within your eBill account. Simply login and select Opt-out Report in the Bill Presentment menu.

Did I make a payment?

We often receive phone calls from Residents wanting to confirm that their payment was processed. Or wondering if they have made a payment because they are unsure.

The best way to confirm if you have made a payment is to view the Payment History area of your account. Simply login to your account–if you haven’t already–and click on Payment History. Here you can see any and all payments ever made through the account registered to the email address associated to your account.

Think you made a payment and don’t see it in your Payment History? Unless you’ve registered two accounts with us (using two different email addresses) then most likely you have not submitted a payment.

Emailing from Contact Report

Our eBill clients have long had a Bill Payer Contact Report they could use to look up an email or phone number of a resident who made a payment if they needed to contact them. Now this report has become even more useful.

You can email from the Contact Report!

I know, I am excited too! This opens a host of opportunities to send email reminders mid-installment to your bill payers–or to send out a general announcement to your residents.