Monthly Archives: June 2013

Move and Re-order Fields

Did you know that you can now move and re-order fields on eForms? This is especially helpful when you use a template to create a new form and need to add something to the middle of the form without having to re-create it altogether.

In eForms click on the ‘Body’ tab and select the ‘Move and Re-order fields’ box at the top. All fields that can be moved will be highlighted in a pale yellow. Click on the field you want to move and drag it to the desired position–then let go.

Athletic Registration Forms

Did you know you could create an Athletic Registration Form on eSchool? A recent update allows for Registration Forms that do not require a payment amount. Parent/guardians and students are able to fill-out and submit the form online without having to make a payment. The result? You get an online student database you can use to sort, export, print, and email.

New!! Fee Payment

It’s here! The new report is here! Our eSchool clients have heard us talk about the new Fee Payment report we have been working on. We just couldn’t contain our excitement. It is now available for you to use. Utilize this report for any Fee you create in eSchool to see who has paid and who hasn’t.

We can’t decide what we like most. The fact that you can view multiple fees at once or that you can email from here. Too many great functions to choose from! Try it out and decide for yourself what you like most.

Send your files today!

Another Fiscal Year is upon us, where does the time go? Our Massachusetts and Connecticut clients are gearing up to send first quarter Real Estate and Personal Property bills. If you haven’t sent yours yet, send today so they are ready for July 1.

Transportation Fees

Many of our eSchool clients have long-since released their Transportation Fees while others are gearing up to make them available in the next month or two. If you can’t decide between a Fee and an eForm, give us a call, we’ll discuss your options and help you decide what will work best for your district.